At times in our lives we can find ourselves feeling distressed and anxious or perhaps low and depressed where life seems to have no meaning. We might be struggling to manage a change in our personal circumstances such as a break-up or a bereavement or perhaps a family or other relationship is troubling us and feels difficult to resolve. As we emerge out of lockdown, it’s possible that the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on our lives has taken its toll.

Whatever you are experiencing, it can be during challenging times like this that you may not know where to turn.   Perhaps it is hard to open up to your friends or loved ones for fear of burdening them and you might be feeling very isolated and alone.  Managing this on your own can feel unbearable.

It is during such times that counselling can be a great help.

Counselling is about setting aside some time and space for you away from the pressures of everyday life. It offers an opportunity to pause and reflect on your situation; explore issues with your counsellor and find alternative ways to handle your problems and build your resilience and inner strength.

I offer a welcoming, calm, confidential space where you can talk about your difficulties, you won’t be judged and together we can make sense of your experiences in a safe and supportive environment.

I offer sessions face to face, or online (zoom).

Please feel free to contact me by phone or by email to arrange a convenient time for us to speak. Do remember you are under no obligation to make an appointment.

Phone: 07946 730 295

Email: clarecrossleycounselling@gmail.com